The Wonderful Age of 40


You may have heard of the time-worn saying that “life begins at 40” a hundred times already. But with all the pangs of distresses all around you, you may probably just shrug and think that beginning a life at 40 only takes place in a deserted island with sharks as gigantic as a house roaming all around waiting for their next meal. Such is an epitome of sleaze for people who thought that being 40 is just another year with cumbersome tasks and pain in life.

No, being 40 is a wonderful experience. It may be an awkward age for some, but it is definitely a great age to live. At 20, people have a lot of hope. At 30, these hopefuls are starting to create their own history. At 40, already have history to talk to base from solid experiences. Contrary to popular belief, options in life are a dime a dozen when you hit 40 so slowing down is not an option.

At 40, you can have your hands filled with lovely things to do. If you are the type of person who wanted to voice out your opinion, your thought brimming with many wonderful stories, or what-have-you’s, this is the perfect time to start blogging. There are good blog sites where you can easily register for free and start typing what your mind dictates.

If you are a career-oriented person you may want to be a little too daring and start looking for good investments. Starting your own business is a good option at your 40’s. By now you may have saved some pennies for the rainy days. If you are a risk-taker, you may want to start having a business, one that is close to your heart.

Homebodies have a perfect spot at age 40. You have time and patience to start and finish a home project. Perhaps you would always want to do gardening or paint some furniture items or do some crafts but there is always something that keeps you from finishing them. Being 40 is the best time to fill your hands with lovely things to do, including making your home the perfect place for you and your loved ones.

The initial thought of being 40 may scare the wits out of you. It may even strike like a lightning bolt. But rather than think negatively about the matter and strike blindly with different range of emotions, you may want to sit down and think about it long and hard…  Achieving the pinnacle of success and the happiness in your life does not end in being 40. If you really think about it, it is the other way around. Between your life experiences and the goals you set for the future, there is so much that you can do at 40.

Indeed, being 40 is the perfect age wherein you are allowed to achieve that perfect life you deserve to have. You do not need to go to an isolated island to reach the happiness you are looking for. At 40, your life can be that perfect paradise you are longing to have. Life is still good, way better than you think.  40 and beyond is filled with so much excitement and potential. Be the best 40something person you could be!

The author is 2 years shy from being at the wonderful age of 40.


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